About us

We are a family owned business, located in Branson, Missouri. The journey to start Brulla Girl came about after my sisters and I struggled, for years, to find modest, affordable, and fashionable clothing.  This is a picture of us with our mother--all wearing Brulla Girl Fashions.  

On this rare occasion we paused for photographs; we were together for the wedding of my youngest sister.  We literally live around the world--in Spain, Scotland and throughout the United States, so our gatherings are not often enough.

Our mission:  To provide modest fashions for women around the world.  To inform girls and women that they do not need to expose their bodies indecently to gain credibility, admiration, friendship or love. Modesty is a show of strength, femininity and beauty.  Let your inner light shine....so others will see who you are and what you are made of.

If there is something you are looking for, we listen.  You can email us or visit our Facebook page to let us know.  Happy shopping!

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